London (and Aslib) old and new

While leading a course for Aslib last week at the Etc. venues training centre near the Tower of London last week, I was struck by the view out of the window; which, I'm glad to say, the participants were polite enough not to stare at. In the foreground, Robert Smirke's Royal Mint building of 1809,… Continue reading London (and Aslib) old and new

Metadata and thesauri, plus ca change ?

Last week I ran two of the professional development courses which I run from time to time for Aslib (the London-based Association for Information Management). They were both great fun, particularly with the added incentive of Aslib's new, and very high-class, training facilities at Bonhill House. The course topics were, I thought, an interesting juxtaposition.… Continue reading Metadata and thesauri, plus ca change ?

Is our worth the only thing of value ?

I presented a one-day training course earlier this week for Aslib, the London-based Association for Information Management. I present a few professional development courses for them, and this was a new one, run for the first time. Called Assessing our Worth, it looks at ways of measuring the impact and value of library / information… Continue reading Is our worth the only thing of value ?