Research students

Current doctoral students

City, University of London, Centre for Information Science

Christopher Serbutt: The changing place of information: how context affects the information conveyed by objects

Ana Christina De Lion: The epistemology of cool: human information behaviour in coolhunting

Ohoud Alabdali: Development of information society in Saudi Arabia

Ian Rodwell: Liminal stories: a comparative evaluation of how storytelling is used to make sense of liminal states”

Jerald Cavanagh: Measuring the effectiveness of Erasmus+ information literacy projects

Richard Gartner: XML schemas and metadata

Owen Ablett: Buildings as documents

Shohana Nowrin: Multicultural information literacy

Successfully completed students

City University London, Centre for Information Science
Deborah Lee: Classification and musicology

Ludi Price: Serious leisure: information behaviour in fan communities

David Haynes: Risk, regulation and access to personal data

Toni Weller: Social and cultural understandings and manifestations of information in nineteenth century England

Jutta Haider: Open access and notions of ‘development’

Ahmad Khudair: A model for the development of healthcare information systems in Saudi Arabia

Sandra Tury: Information behaviour of distance learning students

Andrew Robson: Modelling information behaviour: linking
information seeking and communication

Charlie Mayor: Objectivity, ontology and information practices in biology

Liz Poirier: Towards a theory of slow information: notions of speed, choice and pleasure in theories of information behaviour

University College London, Department of Information Studies

David Brown: Information needs of unaffiliated knowledge workers [MPhil]

University of Ljubljana, Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies

Nina Jamar: The components of abstracts: the logical structure of abstracts in the area of technology