In praise of speculative (or even science) fiction

I have always liked science fiction. This is not something that serious people usually want to admit to, though the perception that the genre is fit only for nerdy adolescents has diminished over recent years. There has been a growing, if somewhat reluctant, acceptance that the more thoughtful end of science fiction can be valuable… Continue reading In praise of speculative (or even science) fiction

ALA Chicago

Put the world's largest library/information conference - that of the American Library Association - in the city with the greatest concentration of skyscrapers, if not any longer the world's tallest building - Chicago, of course - add a bit of jet-lag, and the result is a bit overwhelming. Never mind, ALA was very much worth… Continue reading ALA Chicago

Ray Bradbury, libraries and the Internet

According to a New York Times story, science fiction icon and general guru, is fighting to save his local public library in Ventura County, California. Bradbury is, of course, most famous for his depiction of book burning in his novel Fahrenheit 451, but the NYT reminds us that some of his other books have significant… Continue reading Ray Bradbury, libraries and the Internet