The new dualism of information and data science

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear Luciano Floridi give a Turing Lecture at the British Library Conference Centre, on 'Ethics in the Age of Information'. The Alan Turing Institute is the UK's national institute for data science, and locates itself at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, statistics and systems engineering.… Continue reading The new dualism of information and data science

Portrait of the Author as a Young Information Scientist

I try not to talk too much about myself in this blog, but make an exception here. This post gives a brief account of how I came into the library/information professions, as a contribution to the excellent Library Routes project. When I was young, I was fascinated by science, and science fiction, and imagined I… Continue reading Portrait of the Author as a Young Information Scientist

Documenting Babel – languages in information science

Musing on the continuing place of language issues in both research and practice in the information sciences, following my participation in the Zagreb InFuture meeting, I wrote an editorial on the topic for the Journal of Documentation. This post is an amended version. Languages, in one guise or another, have been a constant feature of… Continue reading Documenting Babel – languages in information science

Inforum proceedings

The proceedings of the Prague Inforum conference, which I mentioned in a previous post, are now available online here. They are of interest to anyone concerned with the use of digital information sources, particularly though not entirely in a Central European context. My own paper, 'Library / information prospects: three views of the future', can… Continue reading Inforum proceedings

Inforum conference in Prague

As part of my visit to Prague last week, I gave a presentation to the opening session of the InForum conference. This is an international meeting, albeit with a mainly Central European audience, covering all aspects of modern librarianship and information science. It was the first time I had attended; it is a very efficiently-run… Continue reading Inforum conference in Prague

Information Science in Transition

My colleague Lyn Robinson has beaten me to the announcement, in a posting on her blog, of an excellent new book from Facet Publishing. Edited by Alan Gilchrist, 'Information Science in Transition' has 16 contributed chapters (originally articles in a special issue of the Journal of Information Science) covering a wide range of issues relating… Continue reading Information Science in Transition