Wirral public libraries saved ?

In a previous post, I wrote about the plans by the local authority in Wirral, in the North West of England, to close half their public library branches, and turn the rest into multi-purpose community centres. A government enquiry into whether this action would break the law which requires the authority to provide an adequate public library service has been completed, but the findings have not been made public.
The latest news is that the authority has now unilaterally changed its mind, and cancelled all its plans for library closures. The government enquiry is to be extended for three weeks, to consider the change of mind as new evidence. CILIP are, of course, very pleased.

Most commentators assume that the enquiry has found the authority to be in the wrong, and they have changed their plans before being forced to do do by the government. There are, however, concerns that the plans for library closures will be back next year, perhaps slightly modified.

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