Everyday information practices

Having just read a highly interesting new book by Reijo Savolainen of the University of Tampere, Finland, on his work on 'everyday information practices', I was inspired to use this as the basis for an editorial in the Journal of Documentation. This is some of what I wrote: Everyday practices of documentation, and the influence… Continue reading Everyday information practices

Prague Generations

Last week, I had the pleasure of running a workshop on the idea of 'information generations', and their significance for library / information providers. The pleasure was magnified by being, not only in the lovely city of Prague, but in the (literally) palatial surroundings of the Bredovsky Palace, the home of Charles University's Centre for… Continue reading Prague Generations

Dark Side: is the news fit to print ?

I wrote a while ago about our new paper on the dark side of information: information overload, information anxiety, information avoidance and the like. Subsequently, the University's press office picked this up as something likely to have mass appeal, and a short piece has appeared in the University newsletter. The process by which this appeared… Continue reading Dark Side: is the news fit to print ?

Slowing London Down

The Slow Movement comes to London next week. 'Slow Down London', running from 24th April to 4th May, will provide a variety of events to 'help us challenge the cult of speed and appreciate the world around us'. My doctoral student, Liz Poirier, who is doing her PhD on a theory of 'slow information', will… Continue reading Slowing London Down

Dark Side of Information

My colleague Lyn Robinson and I have a paper appearing in the latest issue of Journal of Information Science, continuing our long-standing interests in the 'dark side' of information. The paper analyses the literature on a variety of issues, from information overload, information avoidance and library anxiety to the madness of crowds and the paradox… Continue reading Dark Side of Information