a selection of events in which I have been, or will be, involved

The genesis of the green infrastructure: the international diffusion of new concepts and design principles for public parks, 1840-1900, International Symposium, Birkenhead, 24 September [postponed due to Covid-19 [presenter]

16th International ISKO Conference, July – publication only due to Covid-19 [paper author]

CoLIS 10 conference, Ljubljana, June [international advisory board member, presenter]

International Symposium on the Future of Education in Information Sciences (FEIS 2018), Pisa, 10-11 September [keynote speaker]

15th International ISKO Conference, Porto, 9-11 July [keynote speaker]

Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) Conference, Zadar, 13-15 June [programme committee member]

iSchools Conference, Sheffield,25-28 March [panel chair]

Curating the infosphere, and philosophising the post-factual society: Research seminar at the iSchool, University of Sheffield, 24 October [speaker]

Symposium to mark the 30th anniversary of the Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Olimje, September [presenter]

ECIL conference, Saint-Malo, September [reviewer and co-presenter]

International UDC conference Faceted Classification Today, London, September [session chair]

LIDA conference, Zadar, June [organising committee member]

CoLIS 9 conference, Uppsala, June [international advisory board member and presenter]

Paxton150 conference, Sheffield, September [presenter].

i3 conference, Aberdeen, June [keynote speaker]

ISI conference, Zadar, May [co-presenter]

ECIL conference, Dubrovnik, October [keynote speaker]

iFutures conference, Sheffield, July [keynote speaker]

LIDA conference, Zadar, June [theme chair]

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