Academic links

This is a highly selective list of academic departments, projects, organisations, and publications with which I have some involvement.

Sheffield University, Information School
University College London, Department of Information Studies
Ljubljana University, Department of Librarianship, information Science and Book Studies
Oulu University, Information Studies
Zadar University, Department of Information Sciences
Copenhagen University, Department of Communication
Zagreb University, Department of Information and Communication Sciences
Charles University Prague, Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship
University College Dublin, School of Information and Communication Studies
Loughborough University, Centre for Information Management
Strathclyde University, Computer and Information Sciences
Oxford Internet Institute
CoLIS (Conceptions of Library and Information Science) conference
LIDA (Libraries in the Digital Age) conference
Central European University, Summer University
Open Society Foundations
ILO (Information Literacy Online) Erasmus+ project
Docperform (Documenting Performance: the future of documents) project
OATAP (Open Access in Theory and Practice) project
EINFOSE (European Information Science Education) project
Nature of Risk and Privacy Calculus project
Journal of Documentation
Aslib Journal of Information Management
Information (MDPI journal)
Introduction to Information Science textbook
Facet Foundations of the Information Sciences series
Garden History journal
Historic England Archive
CILIP: the Library and Information Association
the Document Academy